Обложка альбома BurdenBurden was Vancouver’s first straight-edge band, and probably one of the first to bring a hint of new school hardcore into the local scene. At the time, there really wasn’t much to brag about in the western Canadian hardcore. All the attention was given to Ontario. But Burden was one of the bands who changed that. Burden’s first demo, “Chosen Path”, came out in 1997, in various pressings and covers. Their first ep “Strength of Conviction” came out in 1999 on Faith, Hope and Charity Records. This ep would be re-released in 2000 by Spawner Records (in Canada) and also on Bad Man Records (in Europe). This re-issue would contain the demo as bonus tracks. In 1999 the band also had it’s only exclusive song on a compilation, which would be a cover of The Misfits, We Bite. In 2001, the band would finally come in contact with Dead Serious Recordings, who would release everything from the band forth. The band took two songs from their upcoming LP and one song from their ep, to do a split release with Automatic from Kentucky.
  • Трек: Burden Down
  • Исполнитель (артист): MICAR
  • Длительность 3:14
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "MICAR - Burden Down"

    • 2:59
      Burden Of The SkySame Old Page
    • 3:38
      Burden Of A DayRemember
    • 3:58
      Burden Of A DayMy Forfeit
    • 3:50
      Burden Of The SkyPush
    • 3:31
      DisturbedA Welcome Burden
    • 3:28
      The Rolling StonesBeast Of Burden
    • 3:19
      Burden Of The SkySolace
    • 3:57
      Burden Of The SkyMatter of Fact
    • 4:14
      Burden Of The SkyBlame My Creator
    • 3:38
      Rocco DeLuca And The BurdenNightingale
    • 1:06
      Yasuharu TakanashiBlade and Burden
    • 3:33
      Burden Of A DayModern Gentleman
    • 3:36
      Burden Of The SkyI Become
    • 3:14
      Burden Of A DayMonsters Among Us
    • 4:10
      Burden Of The SkyChasing You
    • 4:49
      Burden Of A DayMy Shelter
    • 3:48
      CalibanIt's Our Burden To Bleed
    • 4:46
      Burden Of GriefRise Like a Phoenix
    • 4:25
      Burden Of A DayI'm Only Laughing On The Outside
    • 5:00
      Burden Of GriefValhalla
    • 3:32
      Foy VanceBurden
    • 3:43
      Burden Of A DayFool Me Once
    • 2:48
      Burden Of A DayPt. 2 Sometimes They Do
    • 4:48
      RaunchyA Heavy Burden
    • 7:41
    • 4:29
      Burden Of GriefAwaken the Nightmare
    • 3:28
      Burden Of A Dayoneonethousand
    • 4:40
      Burden Of A DayBattle For Hoth
    • 3:47
      Burden Of A DayIsadora Duncan
    • 4:00
      DarkseedMy Burden
    • 3:52
      Burden Of A DaySly Foxes
    • 0:53
      Burden Of A DayBlessed Be Our Ever After
    • 4:29
      Burden Of GriefBorn in Fire
    • 3:02
      Burden Of The SkySave My Life
    • 3:42
      Beyond The BlackLove's A Burden
    • 3:59
      Burden Of GriefMouth for War
    • 5:38
      Rocco DeLuca And The BurdenBright Lights (Losing Control)
    • 3:26
      Bury TomorrowThe Burden
    • 3:35
      Burden Of A DayThe Same In Shedding Wool
    • 3:12
      Burden Of GriefRefuse/Resist
    • 4:41
      Burden Of A DaySorry Seacrest It's Casey's Countdown
    • 4:08
      Rocco DeLuca And The BurdenI Trust You To Kill Me
    • 3:13
      Burden Of The SkyStarting Over
    • 4:13
      Burden Of GriefBlack Evolution 666
    • 5:34
      Rocco DeLuca And The BurdenJunky Valentine
    • 3:41
      Burden Of A DayIt's Lonely At The Top (Or So I've Heard)
    • 3:59
      Rocco DeLuca And The BurdenOpen Pages
    • 1:24
      Burden Of A DayOceans
    • 3:06
      Burden Of A DayThe Smile That Kills